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Not particularly original but...

...this was rather funny, despite just being a serie of childish jokes. I laughed at the taste the rainbow bit though =P

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How this could not score 5 out of 5 is beyond me

Honestly, this might be the greatest game I've played on NG since I became a regular 6 years ago. It's like a mix of Metal Slug and Resident Evil, only in Flash format! It's truly amazing! Two thumbs up!

Only thing that bothered me is the fact you pick up a new weapon automatically when you touch one. There should be a button to switch to the next weapon on the floor. Otherwise, it's awesome!

So tell me...

Two splash screens and a mochiads preloader for such a simple and uncontrollable game. Were you just trying to pull a Civony here?

It's alright, but quite hard

I did it in 20.35 with 212 accidents, and I really tried my best. The medal challenges are almost impossible, especially "all the way home" and "blue sky ranger". However, the game's good enough and the graphics and music go well together. 4/5 - 7/10.

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Excellent fanfare! You really did a great job on this, man! =D

Bosa responds:

Thank you sir, and greetings.

I'm really digging this tune! It would be awesome to have it in my next game, Freegear 2... if only there were more tunes like this around. Sounds like Dubstep and D&B around here, not enough classic House.

Lives up to its promises

It sounds just like the chocobo farm from Final Fantasy 7. For a moment I though you deliberately ripped it off it! Good job dude.

sarias responds:

wow thanks a lot its a great honor to be compared to nobou uematsu :)

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That's definitely something I'd put on my wall! Good job, man =)

ConnyNordlund responds:

haha thanks!

I'm an IT graduate from Quebec, Canada, enjoying multimedia and art in general, music and above all, you've guessed it, video games. I've been in the indie games market since 2009 but I've been coding since as early as 2000.

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