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Freegear finally on NG

2010-08-13 12:29:33 by DaddieJay

So as you probably know, Freegear was uploaded yesterday on and managed to get a daily second place. You bet it wouldn't have even gotten in the top ten if it wasn't for the fact it's basically an ultra-repetitive Top Gear rip-off. But hey, what's -not- a rip-off of something else these days?

I guess I should be proud to have been able to create a pseudo 3D racing game engine from scratch, but too many corners were cut and I suck at building interfaces so it looks worse than it is. I'll definitely make a sequel, but not just to redeem myself. Truth be told, I actually love this kind of game and I really want to show how far I can go to do it justice.

So yeah, I'm not sure what thematic will be used yet, but here are some improvements that will be made over the original;

- Actual collision detection with still objects (so far it detects a collision only when you bump in the middle of an object),
- Better collision behavior with other cars,
- Revised steering, more realistic, allowing for some driving strategy,
- Bridges and tunnels,
- Improved graphics, obviously made by someone else though.

I don't know about the repetitiveness of races, but I'll make sure they at least look totally different and are more sharply designed. Also, the interface will be so bloody obvious that you'll have to be a moron to miss the big parts. And it will be prettier. Stay tuned!


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2010-08-13 15:41:06

Nice job on FreeGear. I was addicted to it when I had TopGear on the snes and I am now once again addicted to it for flash. Might need to look into finding the snes game again >_>


2010-08-18 16:28:40

This one was really great.
I've been playing it for some days remembering the good days with Top Gear 2 for MegaDrive.
And since I'm a big fan of the TG game series, I'm offering my help for a possible sequel.I really would be glad if I could contribute to the production of a TG-like game. Guess it should be easy now-you've got the working engine, the base is done, so now it's all about building on top of it. I can't work with flash, but I can supply you with all types of graphical ressources. I noticed you could use some "better variety" of cityscapes and upgrades pictures and I believe I'll be able to provide these.

Either way, if you plan to make Freegear2 someday, keep me in mind about this.