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Runic Drops and keeping up with Flash stuff

2010-05-09 12:34:50 by DaddieJay

I posted Runic Drops on dA and NG a few days ago and I'm seriously wondering if it was actually a very good idea. It wasn't even intended to be taken seriously to begin with so just for that I could have let my sponsor profit from an unofficial exclusivity, but with all the stuff it's ridden with, it really looks like a money racking scheme no better than Action 52. When I think about it, it actually looks like an example of what NOT to do when making money with your games; sponsor logos everywhere even during gameplay, two mandatory splash screen with redirections to their site (for different purposes but still), not counting using Mochi for scores and the Newgrounds ads system. Good thing I didn't put my own splash screen in too.

Seriously, if it wasn't already uploaded, I'd keep it to myself. Oh well, too late.

I kind of like the concept of the game though, even if it's way overdone. Maybe I'll make another one and add a puzzle mode in which you must destroy every bubbles in each levels like in Pac Attack. It's still not very original but it will probably still be better than most crap we got nowadays. At least this time I'll make sure I'm conservative with third party stuff.

As for the racing game I've been talking about, it's coming along nicely and I'll probably be able to finish it by the end of May, if I don't run into additional trouble. I decided to keep the races traditional, that is, a circular track with a set number of laps and opponents. It will still be more than enough, I believe. I also chose to call it "Freegear". Does it means it's a free version of Top Gear? Or that you're free to shift gears as you please? Or does it means something entirely different? You choose, I'm not picky =P

I still have other commitments I'll have to take care of too, but the racing game is definitely on top of the list. It might sound selfish but I really need some green and this game is a sure way to make a lot of it, so you guess I should hurry up with it already.

This has been David, signing out.


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