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2012-04-30 17:50:13 by DaddieJay

I find it's a pain in the arse to have to update several websites with the same stuff, so I should let you know that I'll be mostly posting on my website from now on; ( It's not like I was posting much here to begin with, but you never know when I might decide to post weekly articles or something.

So that's it. See you on my blog!

Freegear finally on NG

2010-08-13 12:29:33 by DaddieJay

So as you probably know, Freegear was uploaded yesterday on and managed to get a daily second place. You bet it wouldn't have even gotten in the top ten if it wasn't for the fact it's basically an ultra-repetitive Top Gear rip-off. But hey, what's -not- a rip-off of something else these days?

I guess I should be proud to have been able to create a pseudo 3D racing game engine from scratch, but too many corners were cut and I suck at building interfaces so it looks worse than it is. I'll definitely make a sequel, but not just to redeem myself. Truth be told, I actually love this kind of game and I really want to show how far I can go to do it justice.

So yeah, I'm not sure what thematic will be used yet, but here are some improvements that will be made over the original;

- Actual collision detection with still objects (so far it detects a collision only when you bump in the middle of an object),
- Better collision behavior with other cars,
- Revised steering, more realistic, allowing for some driving strategy,
- Bridges and tunnels,
- Improved graphics, obviously made by someone else though.

I don't know about the repetitiveness of races, but I'll make sure they at least look totally different and are more sharply designed. Also, the interface will be so bloody obvious that you'll have to be a moron to miss the big parts. And it will be prettier. Stay tuned!

I posted Runic Drops on dA and NG a few days ago and I'm seriously wondering if it was actually a very good idea. It wasn't even intended to be taken seriously to begin with so just for that I could have let my sponsor profit from an unofficial exclusivity, but with all the stuff it's ridden with, it really looks like a money racking scheme no better than Action 52. When I think about it, it actually looks like an example of what NOT to do when making money with your games; sponsor logos everywhere even during gameplay, two mandatory splash screen with redirections to their site (for different purposes but still), not counting using Mochi for scores and the Newgrounds ads system. Good thing I didn't put my own splash screen in too.

Seriously, if it wasn't already uploaded, I'd keep it to myself. Oh well, too late.

I kind of like the concept of the game though, even if it's way overdone. Maybe I'll make another one and add a puzzle mode in which you must destroy every bubbles in each levels like in Pac Attack. It's still not very original but it will probably still be better than most crap we got nowadays. At least this time I'll make sure I'm conservative with third party stuff.

As for the racing game I've been talking about, it's coming along nicely and I'll probably be able to finish it by the end of May, if I don't run into additional trouble. I decided to keep the races traditional, that is, a circular track with a set number of laps and opponents. It will still be more than enough, I believe. I also chose to call it "Freegear". Does it means it's a free version of Top Gear? Or that you're free to shift gears as you please? Or does it means something entirely different? You choose, I'm not picky =P

I still have other commitments I'll have to take care of too, but the racing game is definitely on top of the list. It might sound selfish but I really need some green and this game is a sure way to make a lot of it, so you guess I should hurry up with it already.

This has been David, signing out.

Projects for 2010

2010-01-16 11:18:23 by DaddieJay

(Cut & Paste from dA)
First off all, happy new year, may it be less shitty than the last one.

I don't know about you, but 2010 will probably mark a turning point in my life, both on a personal and professional level. Or at least, that's what I'd like to believe. For the next two months however, I'll be paid "normally" as I work full time at the HQ of the internet access centers of my region. It's stable, makes me meet new people and caters to my interests. The only downsides are the early hours and the fact it drains my motivation quicker than getting trolled by the entire 4chan user base all at once. Once I'm out though, I'll continue working on my next projects (on to the interesting part), in order;

1. Pseudo-3D racing game
Haven't found a proper name yet but as I stated in my previous journal, it will be a racing game similar to the Top Gear and Lotus series, with maybe various racing modes reminiscent of the Need For Speed serie such as "Sprint", "Knockout", "Circuit" and "Time Attack". Otherwise it's nothing special.

2. Tower defense game with zombies
Those kind of games always seem to score high so I might as well try it myself. Basically, think of a cross between the recent games "ZOMGies" and "Defend Your Honor". You must defend your bunker from hungry hordes of zombies. Place turrets on the battlefield, watch them blow up the living deads, upgrade, buy more stuff, blow them up some more, lather, rinse, repeat. It will be as simple as it gets, and as bloody as it gets. Hopefully you kids will like it.

3. Spectrum Wings II
I already have a shooter engine so why not try to fix my many mistakes with a second installment? It will most likely feature a more convenient money system, destroyable missiles, dynamic enemies, more (and more understandable) powerups and hopefully, a more balanced level of difficulty.

So wish me luck, I'll need a truckload of it. See you later!

Ethereal Masters and future projects

2009-07-08 18:10:36 by DaddieJay

[Transcript from my deviantArt journal ( al/25478188/)]

So after a long 7 months of planning, coding, design and false hopes, Ethereal Masters was finally completed and uploaded to both Newgrounds and, of course, deviantArt. I guess I should feel proud, but I can't help but feel this game is a failure. Two of the three principles of a good flash games are missing; simplicity and stimulation (the other being versatility). I guess I realized it too late. I was blinded by my desire for sponsorship (which I didn't get, bummer) and my irrational love for Tetra Master. That's not how I'll become a great game developer! *slaps self*

Anyway, I'm still rather proud of myself, I mean, it's not like this game was totally bad, it still has some appeal. I don't think I'll make any more card games though, not in flash anyway. I've been thinking about it today and I know exactly what my next game will be. Remember Jackal on the NES? Think that but with actual objectives, more action and fully customizable. That's all I'm saying for now ;)

Side note: First, before making my Jackal clone, I think I'll make a (relatively) simple space shooter, in the style of Darius Twin. I'll try to incorporate the 3 principles I stated above and see how it's taken despite its simplicity so, you can call it an experiment, I guess.